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Cheek Neck Lift (Lower Facelift)

Cheek Neck Lift (Lower Facelift)

Facelift is one of our most popular cosmetic procedures. It can dramatically reverse signs of aging in areas of the face and neck. When done well, a facelift can provide a healthy, more youthful appearance by improving sagging tissues of the cheek, jawline and jowls, and neck. Terminology for variations of a facelift are not consistant from doctor to doctor. This can be confusing and makes it difficult for patients to understand the various options available.

Selecting a surgeon like Dr. Allcroft who is both very experienced and artistic is important. Dr. Allcroft customizes each approach to suit the goals and anatomy of each individual he treats. Dr. Allcroft performs QuickLift™ which is a type of a mini-cheek-neck lift. He also performs more involved, longer flap lifts sometimes with deep plane dissection. The temporal region may also be lifted with the cheek and neck area.

You can choose between oral sedation and local anesthesia, during which you are kept awake but very relaxed, or deep intravenous sedation during which you would have no awareness at all of the procedure.

The surgical incisions are very artfully hidden within the scalp and around the ears. Some patients will also have a separate incision hidden in a skin crease under the chin. Within a week or two postoperatively, depending on the extent of the surgery and individual variation, you can expect to be comfortable being back in the public eye. The results are long-lasting. The patients continue to look better for years than they would have without a lift.